Product stewardship

The fuel ethers industry is committed to the highest standards of production, storage and transportation of its products.

The industry has invested significantly in research to ensure that its products are produced and handled safely, minimising risks to human health and the environment.

In the past, there have been instances of groundwater contamination by fuel ethers contained in petrol, due to poor handling during transportation, or poorly maintained underground storage tanks.

However, improved regulations and underground storage tank (UST) standards – which include the monitoring and enforcement of transportation and storage of petrol and its components – have significantly reduced the risk of future groundwater contamination in many countries. Risk assessments by numerous regulatory bodies have found measured concentrations of fuel ethers far below any threshold where they could pose a concern to people’s health.

Additionally, the industry has successfully implemented shipping and handling guidelines which have ensured that fuel ethers are properly handled during transportation.

These efforts, among numerous others, have ensured that fuel ethers are now used globally in a safe and sustainable manner.