Literature review of non-traditional additives and their blending effects

Chemicals such as sec-Butyl acetate (SBA), N-Methylaniline (NMA), acetone, methylal and methyl acetate are non-traditional gasoline additives (NTGAs).

Many countries do not recommend or have already set a ban on these chemicals blending into gasoline due to the unknown ecological impacts and risks to humans. Furthermore, NMA is reported to be highly toxic.

These chemicals are good solvents and can cause apparent swelling of rubber parts or dissolve parts containing resin in vehicle engines, such as seal rings. This could ultimately cause engine erosion and problems starting.

Further research on how these NTGAs have an impact on air-polluting emissions from vehicle exhausts, the corrosion of engines, the driving performance of vehicles and also the long-term effect on the environment is necessary to provide scientific data to both the public and to policymakers.

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